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Along with our true spiritual size, the second thing we must come to know to keep from forming too lofty an opinion of ourselves is our true spiritual significance. In 1 Corinthians 12:12-27, the Apostle Paul explains how every Christian in the church is equally significant. Just as God has placed in our physical bodies different members performing different functions, God has placed different Christians in Christ’s spiritual body (the church) to perform different ministries. In addition, just as every member of our physical body is proven important and significant by the fact that it’s failure to perform its God-given role will result in our body not functioning properly, every member of the body of Christ is proven important and significant by the fact that his or her failure to perform their God-given ministry will result in the church not functioning properly.

There is no room for conceit in the body of Christ. From the guy in the pulpit to the gal on the back pew, every member of the church is equally significant. It takes every member performing their ministry with their God-given spiritual gifts for the body of Christ to be all that it can be in the world today. Therefore, all of the members must have equal concern for one another and no member should ever feel like he or she is more or less important than any other. 

In spite of the fact that all Christians have a significant role to play in the church, our significance should not be found in the significant role we play. Instead, it should be found elsewhere. It should be found at Calvary. Any time you find yourself doubting your significance you need only to look at the torn and bloody figure of Christ on the cross of Calvary. All the significance you will ever need is found in the fact that God loved you so much He gave His Son for you and God’s Son loved you so much He gave His life for you. Christ died for all, no more for me than He did for you and no more for you than He did for me. Yet, if you had been the only person in the world Christ would have stilled died just for you!

The story is told of a famous theologian who visited a small Bible college. The college was abuzz with the news of the famous theologian’s presence on its small campus. One of the college’s professors invited the famous theologian to a question and answer session during one of his afternoon classes. One student after another asked questions; all were amazed at the deep, profound, and theological answers they heard. Then, toward the end of the class period, one student arose and asked the famous theologian, “Sir, what is the greatest thing you have ever heard?”

The class drew perfectly silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Students scooted up to the edge of their seats, anticipating a most profound and deep theological statement. After a moment or two of silence, the famous professor looked up and said, “The greatest thing I’ve ever heard is this, ‘Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.’ ” You too will never hear a greater thing; nor will you ever need any further proof of your significance in this life.

To calm the soul one must cease looking for significance anywhere else besides Calvary.

Don Walton