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In his commentary on the Psalms, The Treasury of David, Charles Spurgeon suggests that we compare the Psalms with gems. If we do so, he further recommends that we liken Psalm 131 to a pearl. Undoubtedly, this psalm is most precious and of immense spiritual value. 

Whereas Psalm 131 is one of the shortest Psalms to read, the lesson it teaches is one of the longest in all of Scripture to learn. The steps to this Song of Degrees may be few, consisting of only a few words. Yet, this short ladder ascends to a great height. Those who successfully scale it will find themselves on a lofty spiritual peak.

The soaring peak this short psalm teaches us to scale is the majesty of calmness. David not only claims here to have calmed and quieted his soul, but also shows us the steps that must be climbed for us to do the same. Though it is a steep ascent, it will ultimately prove well worth the climb to all who reach this spiritual summit.  

From the summit of soul serenity all of life’s circumstances may be calmly viewed, regardless of how calamitous they may appear to be.

Don Walton