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The Real Sinner's Prayer > Day 8

Scripture Reading: “…and done this evil in thy sight…” (Psalm 51:4) 


David thought he had successfully covered the tracks of his transgressions. Uriah was dead, the pregnant Bathsheba had been added to the palace harem, and David’s child by her would be presumed by others as premature, not illegitimate. With a big sigh of relief, the king smugly resettled himself on his throne, believing himself the perpetrator of a masterful cover-up. 


Like Moses of old, who “looked this way and that way,” but forgot to look up before perpetrating his crime and hiding the evidence (Exodus 2:12), David also forgot to look up. There is an all-seeing eye above from which nothing is ever hidden (Hebrews 4:13). This truth was brought home to David in no uncertain way when the Prophet Nathan pointed his boney finger in the king’s face and boldly declared, “Thou art the man” (2 Samuel 12:7). David knew in a flash that he had been found out.


The Bible clearly warns us that our sin will find us out (Numbers 32:23). Any evil we do is done in the sight of God. While we may scheme to conceal our sins from the eyes of men, our sin is never concealed from the all-seeing eye of divine omniscience. David would later admit in another of his magnificent psalms the folly and futility of attempting to conceal our sinful thoughts, words, and deeds from an omniscient God, a God who knows our thoughts before we think them, our words before we speak them, and our deeds before we do them (Psalm 139:1-6).


“All along on the road to the soul's true abode, 

There's an Eye watching you. 

Every step that you take this great Eye is awake, 

There's an Eye watching you.

Watching you, watching you, 

Everyday mind the course you pursue; 

Watching you, watching you, 

There's an all-seeing Eye watching you. ” (John Melvin Henson)

Don Walton