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The Struggles of Prayer
Devotions on Prayer

  DEVOTION 1: Never Give Up
  DEVOTION 2: Struggling to Soar
  DEVOTION 3: The Nights of Our Lives
  DEVOTION 4: Don't Quit
  DEVOTION 5: Prayerlessness & Changelessness
  DEVOTION 6: Shining Faces
  DEVOTION 7: Prayer is Warfare
  DEVOTION 8: The Spirit Is Willing, but the Flesh Is Weak
  DEVOTION 9: The Body of this Death
  DEVOTION 10: The Posture of Prayer
  DEVOTION 11: The Battlefield of the Mind
  DEVOTION 12: Spiritual Tinnitus
  DEVOTION 13: The Royal Telephone
  DEVOTION 14: Sharpening Our Spiritual Senses
  DEVOTION 15: Intimacy
  DEVOTION 16: Siding With God, Not God Siding With Us
  DEVOTION 17: Praying Amiss
  DEVOTION 18: The Difference Between Faith and Presumption
  DEVOTION 19: The Good, Acceptable, and Perfect Will of God
  DEVOTION 20: The Place of Prevailing Prayer
  DEVOTION 21: Dying to Live
  DEVOTION 22: Kneeling in the Shadow of the Cross

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