November 19, 2018 @ 7:00 AM

The President of the United States has been court ordered to allow himself to be accosted by CNN's Jim Acosta. The chief political hack of America's number one propaganda network has been shoved down President Trump's throat with the gavel of a judge. Do you remember this line from the movie Lincoln, by actor Daniel Day-Lewis, "I am the President of the United States of America, clothed in immense power"? It's not the president that is clothed in immense power in today's America, but judges, who can override the president's power with nothing more than their personal opinions. 
Thomas Jefferson warned America of a coming day when the federal judiciary would become an oligarchy. That ...

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November 10, 2018 @ 7:45 AM

Despite the fact that the law requires all early voting & vote-by-mail ballots to be reported within 30 minutes after the polls close, two Florida counties, Broward and Palm Beach, are still counting ballots days after the election. As a result, the Election Day victories of Republican senatorial candidate Rick Scott and gubernatorial candidate Ron Desantis are now in danger of being overturned by mysterious ballots that keep turning up by the thousands in two Democratic strongholds. This same suspicious phenomenon in Democratic strongholds in Montana and Arizona has reversed Election Night results and given victory to Montana's Democratic senatorial candidate and the lead to Arizona's Democratic senatorial candidate.

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November 9, 2018 @ 7:30 AM

We're all familiar with the illustration of how a frog can be boiled alive. If you throw a frog in a pot of boiling water, he will jump right out. However, if you put a frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat until it reaches a boil, the frog will end up boiled alive, having failed to realize what was happening. America, the great melting pot, is slowing becoming a boiling pot, in which Christianity is being incrementally boiled alive. Unfortunately, most Christians in our country don't have a clue as to what is happening.
Texas is arguably the most conservative state in America; however, a flaming F-bomb throwing liberal, Beto O'Rourke, almost unseated Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is arguably the most .........

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November 6, 2018 @ 11:30 AM

I know the popular proverb, "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain." Still, I beg to differ, believing I have every right to complain about a country that no longer provides me anything to vote for but alternative evils. I did vote, but not under any illusion that a lesser evil makes our country's collapse any less inevitable. Granted, it may postpone it, but it won't prevent it, since the lesser of two evils does not make a good that guards us from God's impending retribution over our wrongdoing.
My lone hope in going to the polls was to do what little I could in extending the church's opportunity to preach the Gospel in America. The night, which our Lord predicted would prevent .........

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November 2, 2018 @ 7:00 AM

It’s time to face the fact that the Liberal Left has become lawless. Anything contrary to their radical ideology, whether it’s immigration laws or Supreme Court Decisions, are ignored by them as illegitimate civic ordinances and illicit court orders. Today's liberals have literally become a law unto themselves! Furthermore, they are hellbent on criminalizing everything contrary to their opinion, as well as on condemning everyone refusing to submit to their opinion as the new law of our land. The Bible predicts that the end-time leader of the world's final superpower will be a “man of lawlessness” (2 Thessalonians 2:3 ESV). Is this lawless leader, who will lead a lawless end-time world to its own destruction, ......

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October 29, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

Present allegiance is often demanded in today’s America on the basis of past accolades. For instance, criticism of our modern-day media is decried as an attack on our free press and as an imperilment to our representative republic. However, our modern media is more propaganda than press; more an attempt to indoctrinate people rather than to inform them. Yet, if one criticizes today’s manipulative media, he or she is denounced for attacking the watchdog of the American people, despite the fact that most of today’s media has become a lapdog for progressives rather than a watchdog for the populace.
Unfortunately, present-day politics, like our present-day press, is protected from renunciation on the basis of............

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October 24, 2018 @ 1:30 PM

I recently read a book that enumerates the striking parallels between the goings-on in today’s America and what happened in Germany during the days of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Despite the book’s irrefutable comparisons, the author goes out of his way to stress the importance of not taking his perturbing parallels too far, insisting that America could never sink to the depths of Nazi depravity. For instance, the author argues that we would never take the lives of millions of “undesirables” as the Nazis did during the Holocaust.
It’s estimated that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. This unconscionable evil was not only excused by Germany’s courts on.........

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September 29, 2018 @ 10:30 AM

The treatment of Brett Kavanaugh by Democrats, with their Republican accomplices, clearly illustrates why I pronounced a pox on both their political houses years ago. As I’ve repeatedly said since that time: “Democrats are godless. Republicans are gutless. And I have no use for either of them.”

Let’s start with the Democrats. Never in my lifetime have I seen a greater miscarriage of justice or a more masterful character assassination than that orchestrated by Democrats against Kavanaugh. An anonymous letter of a thirty-six year old accusation against Kavanaugh when he was a teen was leaked to the press by Democrats at the eleventh hour in a last ditch effort to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the......


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August 5, 2018 @ 9:30 AM

The Forward to Erwin Lutzer's book, When a Nation Forgets God: 7 Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany, is written by Eric Metaxas, who also wrote a popular biography on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Metaxas attributes the popularity of his biography on Bonhoeffer to the eerie similarity seen by present-day Americans between what occurred in Nazi Germany prior to World War II and what is occurring in our own country today. Yet, Metaxas warns us against pushing these parallels too far, insisting that the differences between Germany then and America today could not be more dramatic. 


Likewise, Erwin Lutzer, despite penning his book to point out that what happened to Germany is what is now happening to us, also cautions us against ......

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June 26, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

According to the Prophet Mohammed, Muslims are to pretend civility and tolerance until they gain the majority, at which time they are to uncloak their militance, drive the minority to its knees before Allah, the god of Islam, and subject everyone to the iron fist of Sharia Law. Like Islam, the Religion of the Sword, socialism, the real religion of today's liberals and progressives, is craftily and incrementally instituted until it gains the ascendancy, at which time it pulls out its fangs and claws and forcefully subjects the populace to the tyranny of the state. This strategy to slowly but surely strip the populace of their freedom and individual rights in order to force everyone to goose-step to the drumbeat of the police state is ...

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