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Young believers in contemporary churches often describe themselves as "hard core Christians." To them, a hard core Christian is one who is tattooed, rides a Harley, and loves punk or hard rock music. However, the dictionary defines "hard core" as “the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement." In other words, the true hard core Christian is one who is so committed to Christ that he stands uncompromisingly for the absolute truths of the Bible. He or she spurns today’s political correctness in deference to biblical sound doctrine, regardless of personal cost or consequence. 

Hard core Christianity has nothing to do with punk rock music, riding motorcycles, or frequenting tattoo parlors. It has everything to do with defending the faith once delivered to the saints and preserving the purity of the Gospel for succeeding generations. It is to this end that Time For Truth Ministries is wholeheartedly dedicated. We unabashedly claim to be practitioners of hard core Christianity and refuse to cower when condemned as intolerant by contemporary culture for offending its politically correct sensibilities with our preaching of Christ and Him crucified. 

The God-given mission of Time For Truth Ministries is to speak God’s truth to end-time lies. Our website, like our ministry, is designed to educate you about end-time lies and to equip you to confront and combat them with the truths of God's Word. It is our prayer that our website will aid and assist you in your spiritual pilgrimage during these perilous times. Though you may be a first time visitor today, we hope you will be a frequent visitor to our website in the future. May your visit today, as well as all subsequent visits hereafter, prove to be both edifying and enlightening.



Don Walton

Founder & Director of Time For Truth Ministries

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