Time For Truth Ministries is a ministry dedicated to speaking God's truth to end-time lies. Our website, like our ministry, is designed to educate you about end-time lies and to equip you to confront and combat them with the truths of God's Word.

Time For Truth Ministries is also the home of Piecing Together Bible Prophecy. We're offering "prophecy besides"; that is, a different take on Bible prophecy besides the popular and traditional interpretations of our day. The divinely preordained and biblically predicted end-time scenario is manifesting itself before our very eyes. The signs of the times are everywhere! Yet, many present-day Christians are failing to see them because of their preconceived ideas. By refusing to rethink what they've always thought and been taught many modern-day evangelicals are blinding themselves to the fulfilment of Bible prophecy currently taking place right under their noses. Just as many missed the signs of Christ's first coming, due to the preconceived and prevalent ideas of their time (see: John 7:25-27, 41-42, 52), many today are missing the clear signs of Christ's Second Coming, due to the preconceived and prevalent ideas of our time.

REVELATION REVEALED is a planned series of videos on the Bible's most important prophetic book. Click here to watch the first video in the series. 

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