Deeper Truths in a Day of Shallow Spirituality

There is a difference between faith in prayer and prayer in faith. Faith in prayer is idolatry. It makes prayer more mighty than the Almighty. It is the presumption that God is a universal bellhop bound to do our bidding at our behest. Faith in prayer is therefore not really prayer at all, but sinful superstition, in which prayer is believed to be a magical "open sesame" to all selfish supplications. On the other hand, prayer in faith is faith in God, the one to whom we pray. It is laying out our petitions before the Almighty and believing He will answer in accordance with His good, acceptable, and perfect will, which is always best for us. Praying in faith is praying for God's will, not ours to be done. It is trusting that God always knows best, as well as being thankful to God for both answered and unanswered prayers. Contrary to popular belief, the proof of a strong faith is not getting everything you ask for in prayer, but having a rock solid faith in God even when you don't. After all, the true strength of faith is found in its object, not in its quantity. Thus, a strong faith is not faith in how much faith you have in prayer, but whether or not your faith is in God, the one to whom we pray.