• It is the fire of suffering that refines the gold of godliness.
  • In 2019, make your heart your private chapel where you frequently retire throughout each day into the presence of God to be alone with Him!
  • Prevailing prayer is warfare. It is not for the fainthearted. All who dare to bend their knee to prevail in prayer with God must prepare themselves for the onslaught of Satan, for the strongman will not stand idly by while he is spoiled by a valiant prayer warrior.
  • There is no more sure sign of a supreme love for God than insensibility to one's own reputation!
  • If what you're living for does not hold its value in the face of death, then, it's not worth living for!
  • Contrary to popular opinion, prayer does not move the hand that moves the world, but does provide the Christian with an opportunity to join hands with the hand that moves the world; that is, to partner with God in the carrying out of His plans and purposes. 
  • The reason men know so little of God is that they are unwilling to give up much to acquire it. To gain all of God, one must be willing to give up all else.
  • To enroll in the school of Christ is to embark upon a lifelong pupilage. There is no graduation in this world. School is always in session, with daily classes conducted at the Teacher's feet, where His Word serves as the school's sole textbook.
  • Death to self begins with the realization that we are utterly impotent to deliver ourselves from ourselves. In addition, it requires a resignation, a turning from ourselves to God to do for us what we could never do for ourselves, namely, free us from self's infrangible fetters.
  • Sin is usurping the Lord's power over our lives for ourselves. Salvation is surrendering the usurped power of lordship to Him to whom it rightfully belongs, the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • “In Jesus name” is not a magical mantra to be tagged on to the end of our prayers, as though it obligates God to practice divine capitulation to all human solicitation. It’s actually possible to pray in Jesus name without even saying these words, just as it’s possible to pray heavenly unheeded prayers while shouting them. To petition someone in another’s name means to do so under the authorization and in the stead of the one whose name we are using. Therefore, to petition the Father in the name of the Son means to pray at Christ’s behest, for His bidding, and as His ambassadors! Prayers of self-interest prayed without Christ’s authorization are never prayers prayed “in Jesus name,” regardless of our feigned attempts to pass them off as such by wrapping them up with these well-worn words. It is only prayers prayed in Christ interest, for His glory, under His authority, and as His emissaries, that are truly prayed in His name. Such prayers, as Christ promised, can’t-miss, since the Father always attends to the prayers of His Son, even those prayed through His authorized and duly appointed emissaries.

  • An appreciation for spiritual truths should never be mistaken for their acquisition. It's possible to be passionate about them without ever having possession of them, just as one may admire the picture of a landscape without ever acquiring the property admired.

  • Charles Haddon Spurgeon, "the Prince of Preachers," like so many heroes of the Christian Faith, struggled throughout his life with depression. He once said of his affliction: "I, of all men, am perhaps the subject of the deepest depression at times...I am the subject of depression so fearful that I hope none of you ever get to such extremes of wretchedness as I go to." Yet, like the Psalmist, Spurgeon learned that God intended his affliction for his good (Psalm 119:71). Thus, he famously proclaimed, "I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages."

  • "The greatest and best talent that God gives to any man or woman in this world is the talent of prayer." (Alexander Whyte)

  • There is a difference between faith in prayer and prayer in faith. Faith in prayer is idolatry. It makes prayer more mighty than the Almighty. It is the presumption that God is a universal bellhop bound to do our bidding at our behest. Faith in prayer is therefore not really prayer at all, but sinful superstition, in which prayer is believed to be a magical "open sesame" to all selfish supplications. On the other hand, prayer in faith is faith in God, the one to whom we pray. It is laying out our petitions before the Almighty and believing He will answer in accordance with His good, acceptable, and perfect will, which is always best for us. Praying in faith is praying for God's will, not ours to be done. It is trusting that God always knows best, as well as being thankful to God for both answered and unanswered prayers. Contrary to popular belief, the proof of a strong faith is not getting everything you ask for in prayer, but having a rock solid faith in God even when you don't. After all, the true strength of faith is found in its object, not in its quantity. Thus, a strong faith is not faith in how much faith you have in prayer, but whether or not your faith is in God, the one to whom we pray.