Tweeting Through James


Introduction: The book of James is an epistle (letter) written by our Lord's half-brother that teaches us how genuine faith is always proven by good works.

James 1:4 — The man who can wait on God has spiritually arrived. It is a sure sign of spiritual maturity to patiently leave things in God’s hands rather than impetuously taking them into your own hands.

James 1:22 — Biblical doctrine is not intended to be merely learned, but lived out. As D. L. Moody taught, “Every Bible should be bound in shoe leather.”

James 1:23-25 — The Bible is a mirror that we look into to see who we are in Christ. Afterward, we should never forget who we are, lest we fail to do what the Bible says and live our lives as a Christian should.

James 2:26 — Just as your body without your spirit is dead, so is the body of Christ without the Spirit of Christ. Many a contemporary church is actually a corpse, built and operated by the power of man’s flesh rather than by the power of God’s Spirit.

James 3:2, 8 — If one can bridle his tongue he can bridle his temperament, but since man is incapable of taming his tongue, there is no such thing as a sinless man.

James 3:6 — The Christian’s tongue should be set on fire from Heaven—spreading the Gospel—not on fire from Hell—spreading gossip. (see also Acts 2:3) 


James 5:16 — Earnestness is essential to prayer and fervency a fundamental. As Adam Clark taught, “Prayer requires more of the heart than the tongue.” Words without heart to Heaven never go.