Tweeting Through 1 Timothy
Introduction: First Timothy is the Apostle Paul's first epistle to Timothy, who Paul affectionally refers to not only as his "son in the faith," but as his "dearly beloved son" (1 Timothy 1:2; 2 Timothy 1:2; 2:1). This letter contains not only the sage advice of the great apostle to his young protege, but also Paul's inspired exhortation to this young pastor as well.
1 Timothy 3:7 — The fowler the Psalmist warns us about in the Old Testament (Psalm 91:3) is identified by the Apostle Paul in the New Testament. It is the devil who seeks to craftily ensnare us in order to cunningly employ us in the execution of his will. (2 Timothy 2:26)

1 Timothy 6:20 — Fallible human science is proven false when found to be in opposition to infallible and divinely inspired Scripture.