The Majesty of Calmness

Forty days of devotions of calming the soul in today's chaotic and confusing world.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace


This is the most critical and timely book we've ever offered through our ministry. It is a must read for every Christian in America today! The book is offered at no charge to you, we will even pay the cost of shipping and handling. 

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The Truth About Islam

This book cuts squarely against the grain of today's politically correct world by daring to tell the truth about Islam. Far from being a peace-loving religion, the Religion of the Sword is a militant faith teaching its adherents to war against all "infidels" until everyone in the world is forced to their knees before Allah, the god of Islam.


The Rubik's Cube of Bible Prophecy

This important book lays a foundation to familiarize the reader with the fundamentals of Bible prophecy. The understanding of these fundamentals are essential to a proper understanding of Bible prophecy itself.


Praying In The Harvest

The plight of the lost and their desperate need of our prayers should drive us to our knees. Day and night our voices should be lifted toward heaven on behalf of the lost souls for whom God has burdened us. The eternities of lost souls hang in the balance, but a sovereign God has chosen to tip the scales in their favor through our prayers. The prayers we offer for lost souls from burdened hearts will be used by God to alter eternal destinies. What further incentive do we need to search the Scriptures for insights into making our prayers for the lost more effectual? This book will lead you on such a Scriptural exploration.


The King of Hearts

This book teaches Christians that living in the Spirit is as simple as hearing God and doing what He says. It covers such important topics as:

  1. The Creation of Man
  2. The Fall of Man
  3. The Salvation of Man's Soul
  4. The Rebirth of Man's Spirit
  5. The Redemption of Man's Body
  6. The Renewing of Man's Mind


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